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DATA STRUCTURES are a leading supplier of Met Mast Systems to our clients at home and abroad.

Met masts are supplied in two categories:

TMM – Temporary Met Masts
PMM – Permanent Met Masts

TMM is normally of generic design and constructed of guyed tubular or guyed lattice modules. Installed for a short period of time, normally one to three years, in order to provide wind resource data for assessing the viability of a site for future wind turbine deployment.

PMM is a site specific design and constructed of guyed lattice or self supporting lattice modules. Installed for a wind farm operational lifecycle, normally 25 years, in order to provide independent hub height meteorological data to reference turbine power output.

All SLX met masts and instrument support booms are designed in accordance with IEC 61400.12.1 (Ed.3 2017) and certified in accordance with EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011 CE marking standards.

 SLX1: Guyed Tubular Mast
 SLX2: Windfarm data communications Monopole
 SLX3: Medium Duty Guyed Lattice Mast
 SLX4: Heavy Duty Guyed Lattice Mast
 SLX5: Self Supporting Lattice Tower
 SLX6: Heavy Duty Self Supporting Lattice Tower (Offshore) 

The met mast system is completed with a selection of Class 1 meteorological instruments, support booms, data logger, autonomous power supply, data communications, aircraft warning beacons, bird flight diverters, lightning protection, fall arrest and anti climbing devices.

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