Accessories & Ancillaries

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Let DATA STRUCTURES complete your project to your specifications by providing a full turnkey installation with our full range of accessories…

Access Ladders
 Aircraft Warning Lights (hard wired)
 Aircraft Warning Lights (autonomous powered)
 Antenna Support Steelwork (incl; buildings)
 Anti Climb Frames and Panels
 Ballast Mounts for rooftops (non penetrating)
 Bird Flight Deterrents
 Cable Gantry Systems
 Cable Management Brackets
 Cabinets (outdoor)
 CCTV Systems
 CCTV Mounts (incl; buildings)
 Data Loggers
 Data Cables & Connectors
 Dish Antenna Mounts
 Earthing Systems
 Fall Arrest Systems
 Floodlight Systems
 LiDAR Systems
 Lightning Protection Systems
 Meteorological Sensors & Instruments
 Meteorological Sensor and Instrument Support Booms
 Perimeter Fencing
 Platforms (working & rest)
 RF Cables & Connectors
 Safety Signage
 SoDAR Systems
 Temporary Ground Anchors (removable)
 Temporary Mast Foundation Frames (removable)