Masts & Towers

DATA STRUCTURES offer a full range of structures to service the needs of our clients involved in Aviation, Broadcast, Telecommunications, Transport, Security, and Renewables.

 Guyed Lattice Masts
 Guyed Tubular Masts
 Self Supporting Lattice Towers
 Monopoles & Unipoles
 Temporary & Permanent Met Masts
 Tiltable masts, poles & columns
 Rooftop Structures

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CE Marking

Typical applications for our products include…

 Broadcast antennas
 Telecommunications link antennas
 Critical Communications coverage antennas
 Onshore / Offshore meteorological instruments
 Security floodlights & CCTV cameras
 Wireless communications LAN & WAN antennas
 Transportation radar scanner & coverage antennas

We also manufacture the fittings & mounts to support our clients’ equipment including Antenna Support Steelwork, Meteorological sensor booms and servicing platforms. 

Designed to Eurocodes, manufactured with CE marking certification, all SLX modular structure designs are a perfect balance of engineering & cost to cater for your projects. 

All MetMasts & MetTowers are supplied in accordance with IEC61400.12.1 (Ed.3 2017).

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