By: Data Structures | November 18, 2020

Please contact us for best rates and flexibility for Wind LiDAR rental and O&M services.

Look out for more images coming soon. 

By: Data Structures | November 04, 2020

Ammonit Measurement GmbH are a global leader in Meteorological Measurement Technologies for the Wind and Solar industries since 1989. Together with Data Structures, we provide a full-service package to our clients in Ireland, for successful measurement campaigns.

By: Data Structures | October 21, 2020

Coming soon, our new ZX300 Vertical Profiling LiDAR unit is available to rent from November.

By: Data Structures | October 16, 2020

Data Structures crew performing the final bolt torque check sequence to complete our latest lattice tower installation, Co. Donegal.

35m bespoke lattice tower

By: Data Structures | October 02, 2020

Another SLX Met mast undergoes completion by Data Structures crew in Co. Kerry.