Met Mast System Rental


You can now lower your CapEx and spread the total cost over the full assessment term with an Data Structures Met Mast System Rental scheme. 

If you are involved with medium wind installations, power curve testing, and power performance assessments we can offer you a very competitive cost solution. 

A typical Met Mast System Rental package comprises of an SLX3/W guyed lattice met mast, removable foundation frame & ground anchors, anti-climb frame, lightning finial & earthing kit, instrument support booms, data logger with GSM modem & remote power system.

The system is then completed with a full suite of meteorological measurement sensors, monitoring & reporting which is designed with our client in accordance with the site specific requirements.

We look after everything for the lifecycle of the installation including – design, delivery, risk assessment, method statement, insurance, installation, commissioning, certification, monitoring, maintenance, decommissioning and a comprehensive installation report.

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Met Mast System Rental