By: Data Structures | May 07, 2019

Data Structures are pleased to announce several new contracts for SLX MET TOWERS, SLX MET MASTS, SLX TELECOMS TOWERS & SLX MONOPOLES for Summer & Autumn 2019 completion...

Met Masts 2019

By: Data Structures | May 16, 2018

Although we have installed a significant number of 80m SLX MetTowers, this one is unusual in the fact that we designed and supplied a bespoke interface to bolt the tower onto an existing concrete foundation.
The contract included carrying out a structural analysis report on the existing foundation, design & supply the interface, design, supply & install the 80m SLX5/W MetTower and the Meteorological Measurement System. The contract was successfully completed on 11/05/2018.

Experts in Elevated Engineering since 1998.

80m SLX5W at Cloghaneleskirt Windfarm

By: Data Structures | March 05, 2018

Another 80m SLX5/W MetTower recently completed (County Galway).

DSI are experts in the design, supply, installation & maintenance of met masts, met towers and meteorological measurement systems for Windfarm Developers, Weather Forecasters, Semi State Bodies and Technical Consultancies.

All SLX lattice towers are designed to Eurocodes / BS8100 & BS5950 and are manufactured in EU to EN1090-2 CE Marking certification.

Experts in Elevated Engineering since 1998.

80m SLX5/W - Meteorological Tower

By: Data Structures | February 19, 2018

Following our recent acquisition of SLX Structures, we are busy undertaking inspection and minor repair works on various installations throughout Ireland & UK. 
Works in the main include bolt torquing & replacement, replacing the odd diagonal brace & bracket, installing new anti-climb frames & fall arrest systems and of course, reporting, certification, and continuity of warranty. 
Please contact us about the continuity of your SLX Structure warranty.

Experts in Elevated Engineering since 1998.

SLX Structures - Warranty