By: Data Structures | May 07, 2019

Data Structures are pleased to announce several new contracts for SLX MET TOWERS, SLX MET MASTS, SLX TELECOMS TOWERS & SLX MONOPOLES for Summer & Autumn 2019 completion...

Met Masts 2019

By: Data Structures | October 18, 2018

Look at this beautiful view of the Wicklow countryside taken from the top of an 80m SLX4/W MetMast.
Image courtesy of Philip Cosgrave, Senior Rigger, Data Structures.

Experts in Elevated Engineering since 1998.
Met Mast landscape

By: Data Structures | September 25, 2018

Although it is nice to admire the beauty of the Irish countryside from the top of recent 80m SLX4/W MetMast installation, this panorama video (extract) provides our client with added value when correlated with the images and data contained within our comprehensive installation report.

By: Data Structures | May 16, 2018

Although we have installed a significant number of 80m SLX MetTowers, this one is unusual in the fact that we designed and supplied a bespoke interface to bolt the tower onto an existing concrete foundation.
The contract included carrying out a structural analysis report on the existing foundation, design & supply the interface, design, supply & install the 80m SLX5/W MetTower and the Meteorological Measurement System. The contract was successfully completed on 11/05/2018.

Experts in Elevated Engineering since 1998.

80m SLX5W at Cloghaneleskirt Windfarm

By: Data Structures | March 05, 2018

Another 80m SLX5/W MetTower recently completed (County Galway).

DSI are experts in the design, supply, installation & maintenance of met masts, met towers and meteorological measurement systems for Windfarm Developers, Weather Forecasters, Semi State Bodies and Technical Consultancies.

All SLX lattice towers are designed to Eurocodes / BS8100 & BS5950 and are manufactured in EU to EN1090-2 CE Marking certification.

Experts in Elevated Engineering since 1998.

80m SLX5/W - Meteorological Tower