By: Data Structures | July 25, 2020

28th July 2020 is our 22nd Anniversary, but celebrations are on hold.
What a year...

We started our 22nd year by celebrating the purchase of our new 3000 sq.ft. premises at Ballycoolin and we welcomed two more excellent Mast Technicians on board.

Celebrations were soon turned to sadness however, when the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic struck and business was curtailed for several weeks. 

We thank our wonderful clients and staff for their great assistance and understanding during this period as our thoughts turn to applauding the braveness of our country’s front line workers and sadness for all the lives lost.

As we move into our 23rd year, we look to the future with added focus on protecting our staff and with confidence in our health professionals to lead us back to full recovery once again.

Thank you from John Kelly and all of us here at Data Structures - Setting Higher Standards in Elevated Engineering since 1998.

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