By: Data Structures | May 07, 2019

Data Structures are pleased to announce several new contracts for SLX MET TOWERS, SLX MET MASTS, SLX TELECOMS TOWERS & SLX MONOPOLES for Summer & Autumn 2019 completion...

Met Masts 2019

SLX5/W MetTowers: 30m (Kerry), 80m (Wicklow), 80m (Mayo), 2 x 80m (Clare), 85m (Cork), 90m (Donegal), 100m (Cork).
SLX3/W MetMasts: 34m (Louth), 2 x 80m (Cork), 80m (Sligo), 80m (Leitrim), 90m (Waterford).
SLX5/T TeleTowers: 20m (Cork), 20m (Dublin), 30m (Cork), 30m (Offaly), 36m (Donegal).
SLX2/T Monopoles: 9 x 15m SLX2/T (Dublin), 12m (Wexford).
Floodlighting: 20m SLX5/L (Dublin).

Designed to Eurocodes, manufactured with CE marking certification, all SLX modular structure designs are a perfect balance of engineering & cost to cater for your projects.

All MetMasts & MetTowers are supplied in accordance with IEC61400.12.1 (Ed.3 2017).

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